What is Person Centered Counseling?

It is a decision support process where individuals are supported by staff to discuss and determine appropriate support choices for a person's specific needs, preferences, values and circumstances.

Staff will provide information and referral to individuals in need of supports and services.

What is the process?

Step One: Personal Interview

Step Two: Explore Options

Provide information on public and private resources and connecting you with them.

Step Three: Decision Support

Evaluating the pros & cons while encouraging self-direction and determination.

Step Four: Action

Prioritizing needs and developing a plan of action

Step Five: Follow Up

What topics can I get information and help with?

Food & Nutrition, Transportation, Housing & Shelter, In-Home Needs, Financial Assistance, Veterans, Personal Care, Domestic Violence, Socialization, Advocacy, Healthcare, Social Security and more.....

Who can receive Person Center Counseling?

Individuals who.....

  • Are 60 and older; or any age with a self identified disability

  • Have a minimum of two long-term service and support needs

  • Are unable to resolve or address their needs or who are unsure of available resources

To receive help through PCC, call our office and speak to Rena, 814.226.4640.